Capernaum Campers & Buddies - Carolina Point

Attention Young Life Capernaum friends!  Experience all the fun of Capernaum all week long at this summer at Carolina Point! You can have a 100% fun-filled, unforgettable time.  Ride in style for a mile and a half on the longest zip line in Young Life history.  Navigate you way through the Blue Ridge Mountains. There’s also plenty of time to play Frisbee golf, basketball and volleyball, and hang at the pool or just take it easy in the game room or grab coffee with friends at the snack bar.  All of this, along with plenty of surprises, awaits you at Carolina Point this summer!

Juniors and seniors from Lafayette who have been to a week of traditional Young Life camp before will serve as “buddies” for campers with special needs.  They will serve, learn, experience adventure—everything you expect from Young Life camp and more!  It's a tremendous occasion to grow through serving.  They will spend the bulk of the day participating at camp alongside Capernaum friends, go to club, play games, go on the ropes course, eat meals and enjoy free time with Capernaum friends. In the evenings, there will be a time set aside for buddies to process the day and grow in their relationships with other buddies and Jesus.

Print out a PDF version of the Registration Form.  Save $100 by signing up on 11/16/17!

Carolina Point June 2018

Where: Carolina Point, Brevard, NC
When: June 15-21, 2018
Cost: $899
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Fun friends, an amazing place, an unforgettable week.
Camp registration policy for Carolina Point
  • Signups begin at the “Camp Signing Night” on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 7:00-8:30 pm at Parc Lafayette on a first come, first served basis.  No signups will be accepted until then.
  • Priority for junior/senior buddy sign ups go to those who have already been to a week of Young Life camp before.
  • Registration forms and deposits received in person at "Camp Signing Night" will be processed first in the order they are received and then online registrations will be processed in the order after the in-person signing night is over. 
Due Dates: Forms Due 2.26.18

Due at signup:
[1] Completed registration form
[2] $200 non-refundable deposit.

Due February 26, 2018:
[1] Second payment of $200
[2] Fill out the online health and consent form and NOT the PDF version. Below is info you will need to fill out the form.
       Home Area: LA25
       Guest Type: Camper
       Camp: Carolina Point
       Dates: June 16-July 20 [These are the actual dates at camp. June 15 and June 21 are travel days.]
[3] Photo Release Form: under 18 years old or 18 years old and over - print, fill out, turn in to YL office.
       Mail to: Young Life Lafayette, P.O. Box 51952 / Lafayette, LA, 70505
       Deliver to: Young Life, Building D, Suite 10, 1720 Kaliste Saloom

Due on May 1, 2018:
[1] Remaining balance due.

  • We are aware changes occur, but Young Life is also held financially responsible to secure camp spots, transportation, etc. on certain dates. Deposits are non-refundable and all other payments are non-refundable after March 15, 2018.
We are committed to each and every kid who desires to go to Young Life Camp getting to go.  We work hard with kids and families who need financial assistance to come up with the cost of camp.  There are fundraising and scholarship opportunities for those in need.  We offer a few ways to fundraise:

1. The Serv-a-thon is designed to help Lafayette area students raise funds for their participation on a Young Life summer trip while at the same time helping agencies who work with people who are in need in the community.  Students collect donations for their service to the community and then volunteer with a local relief agency.  The donations help send students on a YL summer trip and the students give back to the community. This is a winner for everyone.  We prefer this to a bake sale, car wash, selling candy, etc. because it is a great opportunity for us to serve those who need help in our community and hard work helps build character! All sponsorships are tax deductible.

Action steps: Print out sponsorship letters and form letters (see below), and send them out to relatives, friends, etc and start sending them now. Sign up to work in the spring and show up to the Serv-a-thon work project during the Spring 2018 semester.  Then send thank you notes to those who respond/sponsor.  The letter details what the Serv-a-Thon is and how it works, but you may edit it if you feel like adding a personal touch.

The Serv-a-thon work day for high schoolers will be scheduled in the spring, typically on a Saturday from 8am-12:00pm.  Sign up to participate in the spring and be sure to start sending out your letters to sponsors.  Location and details about our work project are forthcoming.
The following fundraisers are subject to Young Life following up and confirming with event organizers. We've had great success with thise fundraisers in the past and hope to have them again in 2018.

2. Young Life's Festival International Parking Lot: We typically have the great opportunity to run a pay-to-park parking lot in Downtown Lafayette during Festival International (April 26, 27, 28).  Kids and parents work shifts and earn an hourly wage, which is then credited toward the camper's trip cost.  Note: WyldLife students, 9th grade students, and Capernaum students working the parking lot must have a parent working alongside them.

Action steps: Let us know your availability to work the parking lot (form will be live in April 2018).  According to everyone's availability, we will confirm the shifts that you are signed up to work as Festival International approaches.


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